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Anonymous asked: Part One:Hi love, I have to respectfully disagree with your comment that cultural appropriation isn't real. It is very real, with real consequences. It is a huge issue that is damaging to many cultures and peoples. Wearing a bindi/headdress/cross, etc. (sacred, meaningful symbols of a specific culture/religion/group) and telling people it represents something else to you is exactly why it's fucked up.


But what im saying is. Where is it real, who does it affect, who are the people the people actually care about this? Rhe internet is the only place that I have heard anyone mention cultural appropriation, specifically tumblr. And usually the person who is accusing someone of cultural appropriation is not from the cultural that is supposedly being appropriated. And why do they care? I have literally walked around all day at an Indian festival wearing a Bindi and not one person batted an eyelash. I have heard people call belly dancing cultural appropriation and I’m sure that those people would accuse me of belly dancing if they saw me do it. Without knowing that I am middle eastern, my grandmother is from Syria and she was a belly dancer. The point being, that at this point most people are from so many mixed cultures that you have no idea what their background is and from what culture their family comes from. It’s pretty pointless to try and decide that on your own. But even to say that someone only has a right to practice a tradition from a different culture if their family is from that culture is still ridiculous. All of the world people are borrowing ideas, ways of dressing, foods, music, etc. There is no way to stop this from happening. What if we called it cultural exchange or cultural appreciation? Would it still be harmful?



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